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Tracking sheets, downloads, and...

  • 01

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    • A Message from Your Instructor - Pat Council

    • Download 7 Ways to Create the Flow of Money

  • 02

    Achievers Power Shift - Let's Begin!

    • Achievers Power Shift Session

    • Releasing and Clearing for Success

  • 03

    Follow Through and Tracking

    • How to Improve Follow Through

    • The Benefits of Tracking

    • Using the M.A.P. System to Reinforce Achievement

  • 04

    Understanding How to Use Your Power Cores to Achieve

    • Using Your Power Cores to Achieve

    • Connecting with Your Goals to Achieve

  • 05

    Activating Your Money Mindset and Receiving

    • How to Activate Your Money Mindset

    • Opening Up to Receive Your Best

  • 06

    Getting Beyond the Fear of Achieving

    • Moving Past Fear to Success

    • Putting Circumstances into Perspective

  • 07

    Strategies, Troubleshooting, and Support (Live)

    • Strategies, Troubleshooting and Support Sessions for You

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